"A Time in Space"
Collected Writings

by Ray Fowler, MD
Copyright Beginning Jan 1, 1986

Amazing Grace

The Little Crying Boy

Snatched from the Jaws


The Last Tree

The Heat of the Night


Still Spring

Coming Home


Rain in the Hills

Cloudlessness Gave Way to Long-wisped Cover

After Dawn


Dusky Edge Gave Way

Twinkling Out

Love's Illumine

Regard the Rain

A Bit of You

After the Storm

There Were Lilacs Then

In Essence The Presence of Mind

In the Morning You Beside Me

A Nicely Worded Messy Scrawl

Leaden Lids and Lazy Limbs

Mist on the Window

Very Early Stillness Gave Way to Silence

Sensitive, yet sensible

Swirling Mists, Oblique in Blackening Bluster

The Distress of the Streets

The E'en of the Waxing Moon

The First Chill of Fall

Thunder Railed Against Clouds

When Thine Own Hand Set Upon the Page

East to West

Ruddy, Crusty Hours

The Phone Rang Early Today

Magnet's Pull

Gray-black Rolling Horizon

The Special Place

Solar Streaks Shall Light the Way

The Last Cool Day of Spring

Medical Advice
Safe Driving

How to Stop Smoking - Part One

How to Stop Smoking - Part Two

How to Stop Smoking - Part Three

Alcoholism - The Subtle Sickness