Cloudlessness Gave Way
by Ray Fowler, MD
Copyright Jan 1, 1988

(Time in Space Home)

Cloudlessness gave way to long-wisped cover
While cardinals munched tautly at the feeder.
And tracking solar angles leaned toward the rail
As if to say, “don’t be long, we’re waiting”.

And I, newly freshened by sweet voice’s lilt
From ridgecrest’s loft,
Sipped a bit more even-time’s spirit,
Now stronger from truthful closeness.

These same six windows see the
Fluxing murmurs of my mumbling presence,
Whose daily point is sharp then dull but always quick.
Comets rising, equinoxes passing, eclipses shadowing, Nature bringing bounty.

Atop middle window’s arch arachnid’s house is woven
In hourly travail,
Whilst these lines wind deep into mental mystery’s recess.
We too, eight legs and two, fair company for our labors..

Unfolding world, spinning spider, evolving soul:
All and each entwined yet alone,
Master and mister, servant and slave.
Mission-less and mission bound,
In coursing circles orbiting.

And tilting sol a degree more bends to thee,
While buzzing hedge and whooing wind abide.
And I to day’s distractions give way,
Counting hours til’s you I’m near beside.