After Dawn
by Ray Fowler, MD
Copyright Jan 1, 1988

(Time in Space Home)

After dawn new light wove through the elm’s branches
Freshly scattered by the white oak behind
A storm, unheard in the thin hours while sleep’s demons wrestled within,
Had strewn leaves about the porch,
Sweetening morning’s entry.

Different light in the morning,
Unaltered by the press of consideration,
Seen through hybrid eyes, dancing in the sunrise,
A skeptic’s relief, clarity of perspective, another chance.
Natural connection flowing most acutely
With new day’s advent.
Opportunity and inspiration melting sleep away,
Restoring eagerness from late day’s despair.

Jumbled in awakening
Perched with crusts and tea beside the buttonwood,
Waiting for memory of next hours labor.
Prisoner of mine ambition and others illness,
Running a path barely seen,
But sharply anticipated.
Dread mixed with sweetness,
The mix never tipped full up with succor’s brim.

Yet, in the stillness,
A western dawn newly lighted my face,
And made me warm.