by Ray Fowler, MD
Copyright Jan 1, 1988

(Time in Space Home)

In the stillness of last night I could hear your heart beating
Not from next to me, nor even away in the house, but generations away
Before me, and you, and us
Not even a glimmer of us
There were those heartbeats then
Iím sure of it

How very like my sense of you, there on the mountain,
Is the hearing of the bluebirdís call on late summerís day
You know the bluebird, I know you do
That tiny, special, almost dormant fairy that
Is there, then another where, then away
With colors so vivid that I say,
"How special, how very dear, Iím so very glad I was here"

And then I thought about you there up the hill
Warmed as I by late dayís sunshine and lately reflection
And I too thought about how long Iíd cast away attachment and
Duty, except to friends and career

And then, dear friend, I was there to see, out my window
As the western rays bent reddened yet soft

That same bluebird appeared again, and lighted upon the willow
By the window, not a breathís pressure away
And turned itís head and looked at me
And, I thought again of youÖ..and smiled