A Nicely Worded Messy Scrawl
by Ray Fowler, MD
Copyright Jan 1, 1986

(Time in Space Home)

a nicely worded messy scrawl
of penned and penciled pages,
would make for me and you a note
that sealed our hearts for ages
and ages; with pages; in stages; no gauges
could sample the depth of respect
I feel and have felt for you then and right now,
tho’ its truth you might doubt, I expect.

oh angel: you are you know such a fair one,
this is the plain fact of this note.
no other could render my heart all a-quivering,
and near you my mind would just float.

amazed by those eyes and eyebrows so well framed,
arching diffusely romantic,
teasingly taunting, sincerely flaunting,
with each toss of the head, with each antic.

what cause you now at this time of your life
to enter that world of the “one-on-one” strife?
is marriage so safe?
is it blissful control?
I did it once;
it seemed, oh so droll.

the person was great.
it should have worked.
it just didn’t.
and, it took me years to get over it.

maybe I’m still not,
perhaps my heart is beginning to rot,
upon that old turn is this deep stain-ed spot,
what I got from that plot was a permanent blot
on my mind, on my life, on my heart, on my senses.
no longer to mend those emotional fences.
who cares? just get out! the easy escape
comes quite simply: out the door, you big ape!

oh sweet one: just be glad, and whatever you do
or wherever you go, know one thing is true:

we’re friends and have been to each other, in life:
that’s all that matters...