Regard the Rain
by Ray Fowler, MD
Copyright Jan 1, 1997

(Time in Space Home)

Regard the rain, likewise
Welcomed and resisted, importunately
Difficult, while invigorating,
Vital: Necessary, and inconvenient

Regard the heart, constantly
Fertile, rooting place for love, yet
Delicate, though earthy, the
Best of souls, and the worst

Consider tears, unlikely lava from
Erupting volcanos, emoting’s extreme
Flavor, there and then not there,
In wretchedness or mirth

Behold this soul, and with
It all these things in their
Paradoxes; what mixes we make
Bears out the mystery for all to see

Partake my love, the strangest of
All: fertile tears, soulful rain, rooted
Friendship, easy devotion; and, with this
Sup, taste the tenderness restrained within