Swirling Mists, Oblique in Blackening Bluster
by Ray Fowler, MD
Copyright Jan 1, 1988

(Time in Space Home)

swirling mists, oblique in
blackening bluster,
whipping wild frenzy, numb tears
tickling traces down dusty cheeks
squinting peer-eyed blinking quickly
instant glimpses, micro wisps of
vision dimly focused

young girl, so neatly coilíd about
central special energy:
how long heartís travail struggled
down stretches lonely leading
off horizonís edge
and, lusting largely hollow, pounding
fists, thrusting limbs
amid vacated wishes waxing despair
among black blustery misty swirls

thine own featured visage rode
astride bounty heartful mercy
and cleared off cloudy screens,
renewing grace, and granting peace