The Phone Rang Early Today
by Ray Fowler, MD
Copyright Jan 1, 1998

(Time in Space Home)

the phone rang early today,
and reluctantly I reached for it, only to
find something not working with the thing,
so I missed the call.

curling back under the comforter,
I pulled the edge of our sweater up to my face,
feeling its softness and drinking in its perfume and oils.
So, I began my day, thinking about you.

rolling over,
I looked at the empty expanse of the bed next to me
and almost fell back asleep
while dreaming about you being here
and being beside me.

my room is so quiet
I can hear myself breathe almost,
and, just as I dozed for a moment,
I thought I could hear your breathing also.

I woke this morning with you on my mind,
with dancing smiles and joy
and cheerful winks and hints
reminding me of how lucky I was,
how lucky we were,
to bump into each other on this crowded
yet distant dance floor we occupy.

our late night rendezvous's night after night
mean so much to me.
I ache a little bit just for the conversations,
not to mention for the time
that we're about to spend together.
I fear a little that bringing anticipation
to such a late night hour
risks a little in bringing day's end fatigue out,
but I'll take that chance,
if only to spend a few minutes with you.

I can't wait to see you,
and make some more memories with you,
so that we'll have that much more
to share between us later.
you'll have to have a measure of patience
with this crusty bachelor and his settled-in ways.
but, I welcome your presence, and your sweet smile,
and your arms, and the rest.

does love have a chance here,
between two strangers from opposite shores?
are we individually ready for such a wonderful feeling
to open the flood gate of emotion between us?
or, to risk the emotional turmoil
that happens from unrequited love on either part?

it's all about trying, I think.
it's in the effort,
and in the time we share.
love emerges,
it isn't sculpted or shaped.
it develops,
like stalactites growing from the roof of a cave,
mighty statues drawn from dripping water.

love, a wispy vapor
condensing from windy relations,
bonding two strangers now becoming familiar
in snugly-fitting garments shared between them,
cloth cut especially for the two together.