The E’en of the Waxing Moon
by Ray Fowler, MD
Copyright Jan 1, 1986

(Time in Space Home)

the e’en of the waxing moon
darkened in subtle shade,
tween sunset’s red-gold-purple,
and the sedation of twilight.

on cue, soprano robins and alto crows
in subito relayed a tink’ring pianissimo;
cello traffic away a league
bows a baritone descant.

and, bordeaux’s breath, elixir mellow,
cork’s exit newly shown,
mixing toast and memory,
as world’s surround is stilled.

atop high poplar nighthawk’s plaintive
whines in woody venue
as summer slipping slowly sweetly
enters into fall.

astride tempering western glow
ecliptic’s halo deals Venus’ beam,
biennial perigee’s elongate limb
delighting to extreme.

in crimson gray a sunset border
offers shapes of you,
a tease, one glimpse, another off’ring
mixing lust with blue.

how like this nat’ral mark
is fascinated concentration,
while celestial fabric’s hinting blush
make emotion’s generation!

indeed, a cosmic panoply
as if by streak of thunder,
on moment’s pause for heartfelt touch,
the beauty set asunder.

and, soft and quick, with hasty pace,
returns reflective ponder,
imagination’s merging pallet
mixes sight and wonder.

and: new nightly nocturne bass motet
as o’erhead silver flies:
my marking nod, perhaps you hear,
my solitary cries?