The Special Place
by Ray Fowler, MD
Copyright Jan 1, 1998

(Time in Space Home)

angled streams of late noon's radiance
heaped balustrade's glow about cobbled pathways;
lazy striders swam thru deep south's summer
and I amid early gloom's respite,
sought succour in painful flexing's opiate

in essence, it was, a sampling therein,
seeking solace and soothing within,
palely facing what blackness without
sought harshly my meekness to bout.

ah, and e'en therein my smooth skin
turned against harsh gales,
waxing courage, yet n'er reaching safe harbor
and turning amid the lee of calmer thoughts

e'er blew afresh a crisper edge of foam
slapped about and yet again,
and new-found strength crushed against
the mighty maw of malevolence

when, turning here and there my
denials cried afresh, nay a
placid home to find
as strident hoars played heedful roars

a tiny glint of paradise found
a truck amist the gloom,
as golden tendrils touched upon
my mind's tormented room

amid turmoil's wanton boil
rushed laving mixéd humors,
in summery stroke, atoning plenty,
made minutes turn to hours

and, viewed betwixt the storm's relent,
could I but wish for heaven:
the calmest reach of wisdom's breach
invoked my prayer and reason.