The Last Cool Day of Spring
by Ray Fowler, MD
Copyright April 14, 2008

(Time in Space Home)

The last cool day of Spring
Came grey with verdant promises,
Overcast's chill sipped away
The inner warmth from snuggling down's comfort,
As steaming mugs mix soothing caffeine's revival
Amidst new day's conquest

Away and over the not yet fattened
Cardinal's crimson blur pauses
Within the pale cluster'd crosses
Of the dogwood, seeming to make
Indulgences for blessings,
That the chill might gather solar essences
And hasten summer's coming

At the corner of the fence
Near the angle of the windows
Exploded the cacophony of the wild azalea,
With its sweet syrup dancing along breezes
Playing gently along the sill,
Pink stars nodding in time
With the metronome of the wood

Tiny green triangles frozen for the moment
In early 'noon bring the beeches
Of early season into view,
This evolving tale told yearly in the early time
Is captured as a figure of speech
In the story of its emerald shroud

While...up the lofty crown of white oak splendor
Cleaves the sunny smile dispelling clouds,
Momentary glimpses lighting leaves
From densest shadow... warm my face here below