Thunder Railed Against Clouds
by Ray Fowler, MD
Copyright Jan 1, 1986

(Time in Space Home)

Thunder railed against clouds
And the sky began crying,
Late night weariness startled by impact,
Shocking my senses.

Violence jarring my wakefulness astir
Made much of emptinessís gloom,
On gray pattering pane
Whilst past dayís dusts trickle away.

Tears are god-borne purge
Of weary unknowing bursting free,
Revealing rawest edge newly realized,
Or old wounds perhaps yet unhealed.

How strange the commonness of tears,
And how like the rain is the pouring forth,
As earth is washed so is heart,
Whether joyful or grieving.

Each draws closeness to the connection,
The contact, facing the "is", being with being;
And magnifies the exchange within
Of peace for fear.

In the feather calm settling kindly in the mists
Is my heart now easy;
Grateful peace free-bartered
For fears of memories forgotten,

And best left there,
Lying in dusty puddles of the past.