Gray-black Rolling Horizon
by Ray Fowler, MD
Copyright Jan 1, 1986

(Time in Space Home)

Gray-black rolling horizon
Thundering ominous, greeting subdued dawn;
Startled awareness, hidden anew by fluffs redrawn,
Resists advancing day.

Recalled slumber reaches for consciousness,
Limbs relaxed give way to gravity's blankets,
Coiled within down's angelic grasp
Mind's switch awaits the napping hand.

Converging image waits within,
Ember glowing, ghostly lighted,
Halting tumbling spiraling sleep
And meeting mind at mid-brain's door.

Twas you, sweet lips, my tarried march
Had paused along to see,
Upcurled mouth in mirth reached forth
To lift and beckon me,

And, passions' play engulfed the day
Erupting rest to action,
Drowsy line, no more recline,
Recharged my life's reaction!